Broil a Perfect Steak


I found this cooking guide on Lindauer Family Farms website when I ran out of gas for my grill. If you like how yor steak is prepared at Outback Steakhouse, then you will love this recipe


  • 2 steaks.
  • kosher salt.
  • fresh coarse ground black pepper.
  • olive oil.
    • Instructions

      ADDITIONAL ITEMS – Cast Iron Skillet, Spatula or Tongs.

      • Bring your 1 to 2 inch steaks to room temperature and use a clean cloth to remove excess moisture.
      • Move oven rack 6 inches from heating element.
      • Pre-heat oven and skillet by setting the oven to broiler for 15 to 20 minutes.
      • Rub steaks with olive oil, kosher salt and coarsely ground pepper. NOTE: Use any seasonings of your choice.
      • Once the skillet is pre-heated, pull out the oven rack and carefully lay steaks on the skillet. NOTE: Pan is Extermely Hot and will spit and splatter.
      • Close oven and sear the steaks for 3 minutes on one side, turn and sear the opposite side for 3 minutes. DO NOT USE A FORK TO TURN STEAKS!
      • Once seared, set the oven to 500F and cook using this Time Chart. Turn steaks half way through the remaining cooking time.
        Rare (120-130F)1″ 0-1 minute, 1 1/4″ 2-3 minute, 1 3/4″ 4-5 minute.
        Medium (140-150F) 1″ 2-3 minute, 1 1/4″ 4-5 minute, 1 3/4″ 6-7 minute
        Medium Well(150-160F) 1″ 4-5 minute, 1 1/4″ 6-7 minute, 1 3/4″ 8-9 minute
      • Remove steaks from the oven and let rest for 5 minutes.
      • Serving on warm plates is recommended to maintain meat temperature.
      • I can not stress this tip enough — Keep the fork in the drawer until ready to eat. Never pierce the meat during cooking

      Recipe Notes

      I was really happy to have this recipe during the winter when we couldn’t use our grill. Steaks got a great sear on the outside, but stayed nice and pink on the inside. My only problem is that our house usually got pretty smoky and set off the smoke alarm.




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